54 days until States, 81 days until Nationals.

First day of spring season, and it was such a great start. A beautiful day, too, and even though practice was a little messy and eventually cut a little short because we heard thunder a few times, we were never actually hit by the rain. We’re in mixed boats for the first two weeks. I was in four seat for half of practice, and then switched into stroke the last half, which was great fun. My seven seat was a senior who is one of the nicest people and one of the best rowers I know, so having her behind me was both great fun and great experience. The few times I get the chance to, I always enjoy rowing with any of the openweight seniors. Most of them have been on the team forever and they just row differently than the lightweights; it’s refreshing, helps me refocus.

Anyway, we just rotated through fours and did some basic catch placement stuff for practice. I felt like I was getting back into the swing pretty quickly, especially when we decided to up the rate. My body just knew what to do, and the feeling of the blade in the water… There is very little that can compare to the first day back on the water after winter!

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